About Me

A versatile writer and editor who makes features sing, books flow and copy shine.

Mom taped Dr. Seuss learn-to-read flashcards on everything in the house. Refrigerator. Sofa. Floor. Door. I fell for words. Hard. Then I found out that writing words and arranging them into stories is even better than reading them.

Born in Toledo, Ohio, I’ve been migrating north since childhood, and living among the Yoopers of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since the 1980s. I began my association with the Keweenaw Peninsula as a Michigan Technological University student in 1978-79, the epic winter of 355.90 inches, and then as a reporter, and then managing editor of The Daily Mining Gazette. During my tenure at the helm of the then-15,000-circulation paper, the Gazette received the 1996 Associated Press Michigan Newspaper of the Year Award, sharing honors with the Detroit News and Free Press.

During four years of two 6,000-mile circumnavigations of Eastern North America, I produced features, how-tos and travelogues for magazines—and found the inspiration for my debut novel, More Than You Think You Know, released by Beating Windward Press in 2017— a coming-of-middle-age travel thriller with a nautical spine.

Aboard the sailing vessel Chip Ahoy. (Sarah Bird photo)

After anchoring behind the Statue of Liberty, traversing the Erie Canal, and sailing the Florida Keys, husband Scott and I sailed home to Houghton. I returned to the University in 2015, both as a writer and editor with the marketing and communications department, and as a student, majoring in Communication, Culture and Media.

Sailing America’s Great Loop on a 32-foot DownEast sailboat, twice, is more similar to my current work than it might seem. Both require an open and creative mind, structure, articulation, accuracy and always looking for the next cool thing.

When I’m not busy telling Michigan Tech’s story for digital and print audiences, find me working with aspiring authors, or at work on my next novel (working title: Yoga For Smokers). A hoarder of hard-copy books and magazines, prone to social media binges, I find my Zen on the water, the yoga mat, and in the garden.


Instantaneous typo recognition (But I always get a second set of eyes on my own work, and you should, too).

Working with photographers ( Writes word-to-image. Smile-and-passion inducer. Willing holder of coats and equipment. Great eye, and not too shabby with own DSLR.).

Social media obsessed. (It’s where we connect. It’s where the best stories are told and shared). 

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I especially enjoy your use of alliteration in your “editing goals” section. It’s nerdy, but I like it! I’d like you to consider a piece on the versatility of throwback Reeboks in a nautical setting. I wait with bated breath 🙂

  2. Me too , Ebay does bring out your creative side. Yes its all about how you sell it. ( Pics help a lot ) I know, my 11th year with Ebay., before PayPal, before so many things we now take for granted.. I resisted change, hated PayPal, now Its lard to live without it.. For three years I was platinum seller, not easy to do over 20M a month ! I even sold my last house on Ebay !

  3. Anyone who’s first novel is going to be entitled “Loop dee doo” is worth following!!! I hate actual ‘word counts’ as I’m a bit of a waffler but I’m hoping to do an honours degree next year so I’m following some editorial folk such as your good self as a little tag along and so I can shamelessly pick up some free tips and advice!! edit, edit, edit -terrifies me but needs to be my mantra from now on!

    1. Fair is fair – if you’re going to pick my brain I get to pick yours! I hate word counts, too, because I SPEW. If they ask for a 1,500-word article, I’ll give ’em 4,000. Then it’s time to hack and slash. Working at a newspaper was an excellent way to learn how to murder words. But I still haven’t figured out how to make it less painful.

  4. I can drop some names too, Hemingway , we both suffered from excess, and way too many ” ands” in our writings. . Every book I ever wrote required proofing many times and by several sources, it’s fun to let your creative juices flow .unchallenged ., often as with Hemingway, somewhat less than sober. At one time in earlier years, I did my best work with a hangover . At some point, with age, the Hirt exceeds the worth. This year marks 10 years sober,, just another day , as I saw it.

  5. Hi Cindy: I came here via FWG’s “show me your website” and was impressed with your site. It conveys a friendly and inviting feeling, which is good for aYA writer. I write dark historical fiction, and my blog, xenoseye.wordpress.com is a companion blog to my novel, “the shadow of Xeno’s eye.” Please take a look at my blog when you get a chance. Advice, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcomed.

    1. You can do it, too! There’s a saying: 75 percent of us want to write a book. Five percent actually start. Five percent finish. Five percent polish, revise and go through the query or self-publication process and take that book to market.

      I’m betting on you. Welcome to the five-percent club!

      1. Those are interesting statistics. I’ve also heard that 90% of what’s published is non-fiction, making it even more challenging to find a publisher for fiction. Five-percent club…love that. And my hat is off to you, truly.

  6. I am very proud of you, Cyndi. You are terrific. I still remember some of the discussions we had at the Ambo on Thursday nights after Houghton City Council meetings….those were the days. We need to get together. Always a fan, always a friend. But amazed that a fact-based news reporter and editor could write fiction!!!!

    1. This means everything, Dick, coming from such a generous mentor and wonderful friend. Yes, we need to get together! In the meantime, please know that I think of you often and that everything you’ve taught me about integrity, accuracy, interviewing and having a true passion for covering topics that are important to people shines through in my fiction as well as non-fiction. Forever grateful!

  7. OMG! Cyndi, I love you! Your first novel was amazing thank you so much for tapping into ALL that I am. I can not even tell yiou how much I am looking forward to your next novel. This is my amazon review…So much to say, not sure where to start! First off in fairness, I must say I know and love the author. I would simply post a 5 star for getting published for my dear friend. Huge accomplishment! As an avid learner, which I am, I was simply blown away. Had I not known Cyndi at all, I would have been thrilled to get my hands on this book. I connected with each of these strong women in many ways. Their back stories are very powerful and on some level true to my own life. It is to me even a better read then “Eat, pray, love” it was about a journey that many of us have taken but in a way that brings it home. I read it slowly, by choice, as I wanted to enjoy each stop along their path. Funny, as it was different than anything I have ever read. I made myself stop at each of their stops along the river to feel the impact of the journey. I would recommend this novel to any woman who wishes to experince their connection to other women and to any man who wishes to understand why and how strong, loving women have the ability to thrive in this world.

    1. So grateful to resonate with readers. So grateful to be part of this tribe. Feeling so much appreciation for the gift of storytelling and being able to share it with the world. Thank you, my dear Debbie! xxxoooxxx

    1. I’ve been following you for awhile, and it’s nice to meet virtually! If you want to review my novel, it would be my honor and pleasure to send you a copy. It’s about a trio of bad-ass renegade women piloting a yacht down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Hugs! Cyndi

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